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Keep In Mind The Comings And Goings Of The Tides While Moon Watching … And While Fishing | Sports


We all look at the moon and marvel at its beauty, especially during full moons and eclipses. I also particularly like the crescent bursts when the moon is transitioning around the new moon. We are also aware of the effect of the location of the moon as it predictably relates to the comings and goings of our tides.

Years ago, John Alden Knight also linked the lunar cycles to the feeding behavior of fish and land animals… Knight’s solar tables were born.

Last week we spent the full moon and associated excessive tides because our moon was close (lunar perigee) to the earth during the full (or new moon) cycle, giving us the highest and lowest tides. for the month. Several times a year we get what is called the Spring Tides or Royal Tides, which refer, not to the season of spring, but to the “gushing” of the tide on new and full moons. These recent excessive perigee tides unfortunately coincided with the passage off shore of Hurricane Henri and its breaking waves overflowing the beach to the dunes and also threatening the remaining unhatched turtle nests.

But this is a section on fishing, so what effects can we expect to impact our fishery? Since the difference between high and low tides is maximized, we see more water moving in the normal tidal cycle. So not only are the tides higher and lower than normal, but the tidal currents are much stronger as we move through our daily tidal cycle. In addition, flood tides will “flood” areas of our backwaters that are not normally covered at high tide. The currents are stronger, providing an even greater advantage to our predatory fish, and the higher tides can also bring in more baitfish. In the marshes, the spring tides invade the marsh grass, opening up new possibilities for feeding the red drum and other fish.

The royal tides offer us fishermen the opportunity to follow the fish in the flooded marshes in the hunt for redfish tail. With a flat boat or a kayak or a shallow draft boat, we can make our way through the flooded grass, stalk the spotted bass by wagging our tails in the air while looking for crabs, shrimp and small fish trying to hide is relative safety of spartina grass.

In these conditions where the water is only about a foot deep and the waters are rough, the reds are easily frightened and when the tide begins to drop they head for the shallows, followed, hopefully. it, by us, observer fishermen. You don’t want to get stuck high and dry in the grass trying to get your boat out of the mud and grass, or worse yet, waiting for the next incoming tide to float you.

For many fly fishermen, this is the height of fun, stalking easily frightened redfish in dangerously low water. Clousers, streamers, copperheads, crabs and shrimp and surface flies like gurgling are the norm. For non-fly anglers, surface plugs, spinner baits and flavored soft plastic baits like Gulps! on a very light jig head (1/8 or 1/16 oz.) are standard rates. Spotting, throwing, hooking and then fighting a red in the grass is special, very special. Take my word for it.

Finally, it’s summer, and it’s been a hot summer with water temperatures solidly in the mid-80s, so these really high tides bring in cooler, more highly oxygenated water from the ocean. in our backwaters, also helping to ignite the fishing inside. So, for the remainder of 2021, what is the high tide and royal tide schedule? From September 6 to 13 we can expect high and low tides, and from October 6 to 12, November 3 to 9 and December 2 to 7, we can expect full tides: (https: // nckingtides.web .unc.edu / wp-content / uploads / sites / 9933/2021/01/2021-NCKT-Calend0ar-2.pdf). So. mark your calendars!


For this last week of fishing, of course Henri and his associated swells produced some nice surf swells, but made it rather bumpy for boaters, including several days of notice to small boats. Ditto for surfing and pier fishing – rough, dirty and very high waves dominated the week making fishing difficult.

Think of the Sputnik pellets to hold the bottom. There were some pre-Henry reports of successful fishing at Atlantic Beach and Fort Macon for black drum and mullet. The only information I got near the beach showed false albacore mixed with Spanish mackerel and king mackerel. We think Big Alberts are a fall fishery near the shore, but they almost always appear in late August.

Other than that, please note that the amazing catches of ribbon fish continue, especially from the Bogue Banks and Topsail docks, some of which are up to 3 feet or taller. In addition, the indoor red drum action continues to be very strong, from the Morehead City Turning Basin in Bogue Sound to the Newport River and Core Creek and to North River and Wards Creek, and ditto for the Swansboro area. In the mix there are still good catches of black drum (thanks to recent catch and size limits) occasional catches of speckled trout, sheep’s head and lake trout as well.

I know this sounds like last week’s report, but the fishing at Morehead City harbor has remained consistent and reliable with some Spanish and blues in the mix at times. And oh, how could I have forgotten the dab… flounder everywhere but not a fish to keep! Well, not until September 1–14, when regulations permit.


Sure, sea fishing piers in general are a bit slow, but Oceanana Pier got off to a good start last week with the Spanish and early and late blues on live bait, sheep heads, croakers and pigfish. The rest of the piers were not so encouraging.

Bogue Inlet Pier had a few red mullet, puffers, a few blues and spaniards, a small plaice and lots of ribbon fish.

Seaview Pier is always overrun with large ribbon fish. It has become the main attraction of the pier recently. Ribbonfish apparently eats anything, both artificial and natural bait. They also signal Spanish and early blues, mullet, croaker and pompano.

Surf City Pier brings in a slow week with a few spots and mullet and a king.

Jolly Roger Pier had two kings last week, with early and late blues and spanish and a little mullet and croakers. Hopefully the ocean sets in for a good week of fishing on the horizon.

PS Keep your eyes peeled for our first “mullet”. My average date of the first such event of the season is August 29, and this is calculated from my data since 1999, the earliest being August 24 and the latest September 9 during that time period. “MULET BLOW!” My early fall.

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Moses Austin, the grandfather of Texas


Many historians have called Stephen F. Austin the “Father of Texas” for his efforts to bring the first settlers from the United States to Texas. But the story begins with his own father, the businessman and visionary Moses Austin, who in his own way became the “grandfather of Texas”.

Moses Austin was born in Connecticut in October 1761, already part of a pioneering tradition. His ancestors arrived in the first waves of settlers from England at the beginning of the 17th century. His father, Elias Austin, was a man of many trades and had worked as a tailor, tavern owner and farmer. He thus learns his father’s business acumen and soon wishes to embark on more lucrative professions.

Austin had a keen business acumen. In 1784 he joined his older brother, Stephen Austin, in a successful dry goods business in Philadelphia. Here, Moses Austin married Mary Brown in 1785, the daughter of a wealthy iron mine owner, and the two are said to have five children.

Moses Austin Historical Marker - Austin, Texas, USA.

Eager to build on their success in Pennsylvania, the Austin moved to Virginia to expand their dry goods business and engage in mining. In 1789, the brothers helped build the Virginia State Capitol building, designed by Thomas Jefferson. The Austin, through their lead mining company, constructed the building’s original roof. The two quickly expanded their mining operations to southwest Virginia. They founded the small community of Austinville to support their lead and zinc mines in the area. However, the mine played out in a few years. With money problems mounting, Moses Austin moved to Missouri in 1798 to establish a new series of mines.

By the time the United States bought the region from France in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase, Austin was already an established business leader in the region. He made his fortune in the mining industry and founded several communities along the Mississippi River. While in Missouri, he and a group of business partners formed the Bank of St. Louis, which was the first bank established west of the Mississippi River. Although the effort did not last long, the bank helped solidify Saint-Louis’ position as a major trading center.

The panic of 1819 wiped out the mining fortune of Moses Austin. Deeply in debt and frustrated, he began to look for new avenues to repay business partners and creditors. His vision turned to the colonization of Texas.

Historic marker at the Elias Austin House commemorating the birth of Moses Austin, Durham, Connecticut, July 2020

At the time, Spain was struggling to retain its vast empire in the New World. Its territories, stretching from California to Texas via South America in 1819, were sparsely colonized in many areas and difficult to defend or develop. Austin’s proposal to bring American settlers to the area and develop new communities was met with deep skepticism in December 1820. After an initial rejection by the Spanish governor of San Antonio, Austin convinced the man to respected local business, Felipe Neri, Baron de Bastrop, to appeal. in his name. Due to the baron’s appeals, the governor reluctantly agreed. Eventually, several thousand acres were offered for settlement.

The trip to Texas exhausted Austin. In his already weakened condition, he worked obsessively to make his Texas settlements a success when his fragile health collapsed. Determined to make his Texan dream come true, he enlisted the support of his son. With his dying strength, he asked his wife to write a letter to their son begging him to continue his father’s work. Moses Austin died in June 1821. Their son, the ever-faithful and devoted Stephen F. Austin, accepted his father’s mission and quickly embarked on his destiny, paving the way for the first American colonies in Texas.

Ken Bridges

Ken Bridges is a native of Texas, a writer and professor of history. He can be contacted at drkenbridges@gmail.com. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the Herald Democrat.

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Spain turning red and Turkey turning amber


The next government travel review is due on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, with changes to the red, orange and green lists.

Travel experts have already predicted which countries are likely to change color, with speculation over Spain, Croatia, Madeira and Jamaica.


Travel experts have already predicted which countries are likely to change color, with speculation over Spain, Croatia, Madeira and JamaicaCredit: Getty – Contributor

There are currently a number of vacation spots on the Green List, the more laid back of the lists, including Croatia, Madeira and Malta.

However, the majority of the UK’s favorite destinations are on the Orange List, which includes Spain, Greece, Portugal and France.

So which countries expect to go green, amber and red this week? We assess what the experts say.

Paul Charles of the PC Agency predicted that Poland, Bhutan, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Saudi Arabia will all go green, based on their Covid rates, vaccination figures and number of tests. positive returning travelers.

However, the government said there will be limited additions to the green list this week.

The opposition party also doesn’t expect a change, as Labor MP Ben Bradshaw, a member of the House of Commons Transport Committee, said: “With Covid rates in Britain still close to the highest in Europe and with vaccination rates in the most popular holiday destinations having caught or surpassed that of the UK, we should see a strong expansion of the Green List.

“But this government has shown time and time again that it doesn’t care one iota about travel industry jobs, families desperate to meet again, or people just hoping for a break.”

Mr Charles also predicted that a number of Green List destinations could turn orange, including Croatia, Madeira, Israel, Lithuania, Montserrat and the Caribbean islands of Anguilla, Antigua and Turks and Caicos.

There are high hopes that Turkey will move from the Red List to the Orange List this week, after a drop in Covid cases.

Travelers returning from Turkey to the UK are currently required to quarantine in a hotel for ten days, but a switch to amber would mean no quarantine for children and fully vaccinated Britons.

According to The Times, Test and Trace figures show that 1.7% of people have tested positive for Covid upon their return from Turkey in the past three weeks – the same as those arriving from Spain.

Among these cases, there were between 0 and 3 recorded cases of variants of concern, such as the beta variant.

Data analyst Tim White believes Turkey is a “” borderline candidate “to be transferred to the Orange List, but cited reluctance to do so due to the unreliability of their data, and said he the UK was likely to be “suspicious” of the numbers.

He added that the Maldives could be moved from the Red List to the Orange List as infection rates have dropped, adding that “virtually all restaurants and bars are open air at the resorts and there is little threat. “.

There are also fears Spain could move from the orange list to the red list, but Mr Charles said the change would be unlikely as the UK does not have enough quarantined spaces in hotels to accommodate all Britons back.

He said: “” Much of Europe will not change because the government will create utter chaos on our borders over the weekend and public holiday week if it chooses to turn some of the more popular countries red. , like the Balearics or Spain, and forcing so many people into quarantine at the hotel.

There are also concerns that Jamaica, Saint Lucia, Dominica and Morocco may move from the orange list to the red list.

Such a change would cause a rush among UK holidaymakers to return before the change goes into effect next week, otherwise they would have to pay £ 2,285 for a quarantined hotel stay.

The latest travel ad saw seven countries – Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Latvia, Norway and Romania – added to the green list.

The controversial ‘amber-plus’ list was also removed, putting France back on the normal orange list, while the UAE was also added to the orange list.

Mexico was added to the red list, along with Georgia, the French islands of Reunion and Mayotte.

There are high hopes Turkey will move from Red List to Orange List this week, after Covid cases drop


There are high hopes Turkey will move from Red List to Orange List this week, after Covid cases dropCredit: Alamy

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British tourist hit by car and killed while trying to cross motorway near bustling Marbella strip


A 20-year-old man was reportedly hit by a car while trying to cross the A7 motorway near Puerto Banus. The Spanish traffic service has confirmed the incident and police confirmation is expected later today

“Brit tourist”, 20, killed “while trying to cross the motorway” at the black spot of the accident on the Costa del Sol

A 20-year-old man was killed in Spain after trying to cross the motorway at a notorious accident site.

The man – believed to be British – was reportedly on vacation in Marbella when he was shot in the early hours of this morning.

His identity has not yet been confirmed but the Spanish newspaper Sur.es reported that he was a British tourist.

Police have opened a full investigation to determine the circumstances, but it is understood that the man was hit by a car while attempting to cross the highway. Police confirmation is expected later today.

The incident took place on the A7 motorway towards Cadiz and near the seaside resort of Puerto Banus.

Emergency services were alerted at around 2 a.m. following reports that a person had been hit by a car and was lying on the roadway.

It has been reported that the area is a notorious black spot where other people have been injured and killed. On these occasions people tried to cross the road as a shortcut to the other side. At one point, a metal barrier was put in place to restrict access.

The Spanish traffic service confirmed the incident.

Easyjet Holidays is offering £ 100 off beach stays in July and August 2022


BRITS wishing to save on vacations next summer should take a look at the current Easyjet Holidays discount.

The company is offering £ 100 off beach vacations in July and August next year.


EasyJet Holidays is offering £ 100 off beach vacations in July and August next yearCredit: Getty – Contributor

If you click on a link in this story, we will earn affiliate income.

There are weeklong beach vacations to some of the more popular short-haul summer destinations.

These include Turkey, Spain, Greece, and Portugal, with the option to filter by school vacation dates if you’re looking to get away with the kids.

Holidays start from £ 161 per person – that’s for a week-long B&B stay in Antalya, Turkey. Turkey is currently on the red list for travel, but it is hoped that it will be moved to the amber list during the next travel review.

Most holidays can be secured with a deposit of £ 60 per person.

  • Find all the stays in the offer here and some of the best deals below:
    Gazipasa Star Hotel, Turkey 7 nights in B&B from £ 161 pp
    Altair Apartments, Spain 7 night rental from £ 166 per person
    GF Fanabe Hotel, Tenerife 7 nights from £ 279 pp
    Eftalia Aqua Resort Hotel all inclusive Turkey 7 nights from £ 289 per person
    Avlida Hotel, Paphos, Cyprus 7 nights from £ 271 per person
    Mirador Maspalomas Dunas Hotel, Gran Canaria all inclusive from £ 313 per person
    Sol Pelicanos / Ocas Hotel, Benidorm with half board from £ 383 per person
    Atlantis Hotel, Kos all inclusive from £ 399 per person
Portugal is one of the destinations included in the offer


Portugal is one of the destinations included in the offerCredit: Getty – Contributor

There is no need for a code to get the offer because the discount is already included in the prices and you can get cashback at the same time.

It applies to holidays to seaside destinations departing between July 1 and August 31, 2022.

Flights and accommodation are included in the price, as is a baggage allowance of 23kg per person, and the beach vacation includes transfers to and from the airport.

EasyJet Holidays has a promise of protection with many benefits, including the ability to make changes to your vacation plans later.

If they need to cancel your vacation, you will be offered a full refund. They’ll also give you a full refund for your booked vacation if you simply change your mind, up to 28 days before your departure.

You can keep your deposit as a credit to your easyJet Holidays online account for later use.

Anyone with a reservation can leave full payment up to 28 days before your trip, giving you flexibility if your plans change.

The best deals of the week on holidays abroad

If you’re looking for more inspiration for a vacation abroad, we’ve found a cheap all-inclusive vacation for this summer and there are plenty of inexpensive vacation packages out there.

For stays in the UK the holiday parks have huge deals and we have found the UK’s best holiday parks with kids’ entertainment and the best holiday parks with outdoor pools.

We’ve also rounded up some great deals in the hottest spots in the UK and found the best beaches for kids and England’s best beach towns for families.

This article and the products shown were independently selected by Sun reporters. It has links that are advertisements, and if you click on a link and buy a product, we will earn income.

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Goal.com owner takes over Italy’s best football site


Digital media updates

The privately funded owner of Goal.com, the football media website, has acquired Italy’s largest digital football news provider, as the group expands its coverage of top leagues and teams.

The deal marks the first major expansion of Footballco, which is owned by Integrated Media Company, a subsidiary of US private equity firm TPG Capital. Footballco, which bought a controlling stake in Goal.com last year in a $ 125 million deal with DAZN, the sports streaming company, aims for annual revenue of $ 100 million .

Around 400 million football fans use its websites and social media every month, thanks to Goal.com. The double-digit deal for CalcioMercato.com, which was founded by majority shareholder and publisher Carlo Pallavicino, adds 12 million monthly visitors.

Online sports sites have proven to be strong competitors with their coverage and have generated significant investor interest.

Goal.com, which competes with Disney’s ESPN, secured an exclusive video interview with Lionel Messi when the former FC Barcelona star first considered leaving the Spanish club last year.

The Athletic, a US-based subscription site, was valued at $ 500 million last year after successfully expanding coverage to the Premier League and other top football competitions across Europe.

In June, US media group Maven, which owns Sports Illustrated, raised $ 20 million in equity and acquired The Spun website, which covers sports such as the National Football League and the National Basketball Association.

Juan Delgado, Managing Director of Footballco, said the acquisition of CalcioMercato.com made Footballco the number one football platform in Italy, while expanding its European footprint in “the world’s largest digital football advertising market. “.

Serie A, the Italian national league, includes iconic clubs such as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus, as well as top players, such as Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo. The Italian national team also won the delayed Euro 2020 international tournament this summer.

Over 100 million fans visited the Goal.com website and apps during Euro2020 and the Copa America tournament in Brazil.

Delgado told the FT that Footballco, which has more than 300 employees and will add 20 with CalcioMercato.com, plans to expand into other geographies through both buyout of existing platforms and organic investments in markets like Spain and France.

He is also considering the 2022 FIFA World Cup, to be held in Qatar, highlighting the Middle East as a “high growth market”. North America is another target.

It already has a strong presence in Europe with the acquisition of two digital media brands, the German Spox and the Dutch company VoetbalZone, at the time of the agreement with Goal.com.

Ori Winitzer, chief executive of IMC, said that while “we will never stray from reporting on news, transfer news, scores, the heart of professional gaming,” the group also planned to look beyond from advertising, its main source of income, including the sale of clothing and streetwear online.

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Egypt promotes yachting tourism after COVID pandemic plunge


Egypt is developing ways to promote recreational tourism, hoping that it will bring significant economic returns to the state. At a Cabinet meeting in Cairo on August 5, tourism and transport ministers discussed ways to develop this type of tourism on the guidance of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to formulate a strategic plan to maximize tourism yachting by the end of this month. Once the plan is fully designed, it will be presented to Sissi for approval.

During the meeting, Tourism and Antiquities Minister Khaled Anany said Egypt has more than 2,400 kilometers of scenic coastline and beaches and separate tourist resorts located near famous historic tourist towns. Egypt enjoys a temperate climate all year round, so it allows this tourism throughout the year and the disembarkation of foreign yachts during the winter period.

Anany said the economic importance of yachting tourism lies in the income from transit and mooring fees, taxes, fuel and maintenance.

The move comes at a time when Egypt – like other countries around the world – has experienced a sharp decline in tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, tourism sector revenues fell by 70%, with a total of 3.5 million visitors, compared to more than 13 million in 2019.

Still, Cairo hopes 2021 will see a significant recovery. With the resumption of global vaccination efforts and the return of Russian flights to resort airports in the Red Sea after a six-year hiatus, Egypt is bracing for an influx of tourists.

In July, Time magazine named Cairo one of the “greatest places in the world” for 2021. It selected Cairo for its “new advantages over unique treasures” and its ability to revitalize the tourism industry in through a number of exciting projects, such as the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will become the largest archaeological museum in the world with more than 100,000 ancient artefacts. Other upcoming projects include the Ahl Misr Footbridge, which is a pedestrian-friendly outdoor space along the Nile Corniche, and the Cairo Eye, which is slated to become Africa’s largest observation wheel from here. 2022.

In the midst of COVID-19, Egypt has taken a number of procedures to ensure safety and efficiency in order to encourage tourism. The online electronic visa portal for tourists makes it easy to obtain visas online. Other measures include a vaccination campaign that has successfully vaccinated all staff at major resorts and hotels in the Red Sea and South Sinai governorates.

The Egyptian government agreed at the August 5 meeting to define the main strategic axes, which include the preparation of a unified pricing policy to offer attractive incentives and discounts to ships and yachts; increase the efficiency of existing tourist ports; establish yacht marinas at sites that benefit from tourist attractions; prepare a marketing plan for promotion and active participation in tourism conferences, forums and international exhibitions; and the launch of an electronic portal to facilitate procedures, issuance of permits and unified invoices for organizations linked to recreational tourism.

On August 14, Egypt inaugurated the first maritime service station on the Mediterranean shore to serve boats and yachts passing through Matrouh governorate as part of the state’s efforts to revitalize this growing type of tourism in worldwide.

Captain Yasser El Mosalamy, president of the American Maritime Academy, hails the state’s willingness to promote yachting tourism, saying it will help create many job opportunities, especially in the travel and service industries. , in addition to increasing national income.

“Before the recent decision to promote yachting tourism, Egypt only focused on traditional tourism by attracting foreigners to visit its sights and do diving activities, for example. But recreational tourism is totally different. This means that we will attract international tourism, which the state will depend on to increase national income, ”Mosalamy told Al-Monitor.

“All countries are changing around us, the closest of which is Saudi Arabia, which encourages foreign-flagged yachts to visit the country. So now is the time for Egypt to take advantage of yachting tourism, ”Mosalamy said.

Mosalamy added that Egyptian cities overlooking the Mediterranean, such as Marsa Matrouh, Alexandria, El Alamein, Damietta and Port Said, will benefit from yachting tourism as the largest percentage of yacht traffic goes through the Mediterranean Sea, and the cities of the Red Sea come in second. place due to crossing the Suez Canal and fees.

In 2016, the State Information Service reported that Egypt wished to encourage yachting tourism and establish specialized ports on its shores, such as Marina Naama, the first marina in Naama Bay in Sharm. el-Sheikh, which was built with the latest methods. Technological and tourism experts considered this project to be an important step in the development of yachting tourism.

In the Red Sea Governorate, the Hurghada Marina is located on an area of ​​60,000 square meters and includes all the necessary amenities for the safe mooring of yachts.

In the Gulf of Aqaba, the Taba Heights Marina offers secure berths and maintenance service as well as all amenities. The Taba Heights Marina has a water area of ​​11,500 square meters and a depth of 2.5 to 3 meters.

Mosalamy said that once essential infrastructure changes are completed, promotional campaigns will be launched around the world to invite tourists to bring their yachts to the country’s renovated shores.

“I think Egypt will implement this soon because the country is already experiencing full development in all sectors. Thus, the development of recreational tourism will be done with the same success and in a rapid manner, like other megaprojects, ”he said.

Alaa Khalifa, an expert in international tourism marketing, told Al-Monitor: “When we succeed in developing recreational tourism, the state will receive three times what it earns from domestic tourism.

He pointed out that yachting tourism is flourishing in the Mediterranean region and that many countries depend on such wealthy tourists.

“There are 30,000 yachts crisscrossing the Mediterranean. Spain, Italy and France are the main countries in this type of tourism, ”Khalifa said.

Khalifa said Egypt has lost huge profits in past periods due to the exaggeration of yacht mooring fees in Egypt, the Suez Canal crossing fee and the application of two fees. times for a yacht when moving from marina to marina in Egyptian waters. This, he added, is pushing yacht owners to move to other neighboring countries such as Lebanon, Israel and Turkey due to their tourist yacht mooring facilities.

“It is therefore necessary that all the people and organizations concerned work hard to facilitate and develop such an important type of tourism,” he added.

Khalifa added that paying attention to yachting tourism will boost Arab and Gulf tourism to Red Sea cities such as Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam, which are close to Gulf countries.

“This requires making well-equipped bunks to accommodate the expected movement,” he noted.

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Patricia Beran, 87 years old


August 22, 2021

Patricia Pettigrew Beran, a beautiful spirit whose compassion and brilliance touched so many lives during her eighty-seven years, was raised to heaven. Patricia, known to friends and family as Patty, was a Midwestern girl born and raised in Highland Park, MI, and later residing in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Patty’s start in life was marked by academic and athletic success, while brimming with deep and meaningful friendships. She attended the University of Miami where she studied sociology and Spanish and received many prestigious academic awards.

After college, Patty worked as a social worker in Chicago, Illinois, serving the city’s most vulnerable citizens. Patty remained in this role until the birth of her first son, Peter, in 1958. Her family quickly grew with the birth of her daughter, Polly in 1960 and her son, Michael, in 1963.

Patty was a dedicated, energetic, full-time mother to her three children in their early years and through several professional moves from coast to coast and to several states in between. She and her family landed in Weston, Connecticut in 1968, where they remained for many years.

In the early 1970s, Patty launched her teaching career, pursuing a Masters in Education while teaching and raising her young family. She has been a creative, resourceful, and caring college teacher in Weston, Connecticut for twenty-nine years. A long list of grateful alumni, their families and dear fellow teachers will fondly remember her. Her fellow teachers were a second family to her, always welcome at her home and at her holiday tables.

In 1998, Patty reunited with her college sweetheart, Milo Beran. Patty and Milo got married and traveled to Franklin, North Carolina, where they began their life together. Patty and Milo were active volunteers in their community. Patty volunteered for the League of Women Voters and served as Guardian ad Litem, seeking to protect the interests and welfare of minors in the local justice system.

She spent many years serving meals to low-income families at The Banquet Table in Franklin. Fluent in Spanish, Patty has also taught English to young Hispanic women seeking to improve their employment prospects. These young women considered Patty to be an important friend and mentor. Along with Milo, Patty delivered meals as part of the “Meals on Wheels” program to residents of Macon County. Weekly meal recipients will certainly miss her smiley face on their doorstep.

Beyond her husband Milo and children Peter and Polly (her son Michael died before death), Patty leaves an extended family deeply grateful for the values ​​she has shaped throughout her life. Patty will forever reside in the hearts of Polly’s husband, Joe, and their three sons Timothy, Jess and Cameron. Patty was extremely proud of her three grandsons and left them fond memories of lush gardens, happy vacation kitchens, and adventurous visits to rivers and lakes.

Patty also leaves her brother-in-law, Greg Gilbert, married to her sister Judi, for 59 years until her death in 2020. Judi was Patty’s fearless travel companion and together Patty and Judi fearlessly explored countries of the world. ‘Europe and South and Central America. Daring and curious, the traveling duo would seek out and befriend the locals to get to know the region and its true culture.

Patty was a caring aunt to Judi’s three children, Dirk, Michelle and Lisa, as well as her brother’s sons Bob, Arthur and Robert.

Patty’s huge heart had plenty of space to welcome and worship Milo’s three children, Lisa, Tamara and Josh and their children. Patty will all miss her step-grandchildren, Paine, Cam, Liza, Gigi and Mila in their lifetime and smile at their precious set of memories.

Inspired by her generous nature, Patty’s grandchildren created a fund in her memory to support the causes most important to her. In lieu of flowers, please consider a gift to:

Kenwood Foundation – Patty Beran Fund
45 School Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02108

Online condolences can be made at www.maconfuneralhome.com.

Macon Funeral Home is making arrangements.

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Defense Secretary orders six commercial airlines to help transport Afghan refugees


Defense Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III has ordered six commercial airlines to supply airliners to aid the growing United States military operation to evacuate Americans and Afghan allies from Kabul, the Afghan capital, a the Pentagon announced on Sunday.

Mr. Austin activated Stage 1 of the Civilian Reserve Air Fleet, established in 1952 after the Berlin Airlift, to provide 18 airliners to assist passengers arriving from Afghanistan at bases in the Middle East, John F. Kirby, Pentagon spokesperson, said in a press release.

The current activation involves 18 aircraft: four from United Airlines; three from American Airlines, Atlas Air, Delta Air Lines and Omni Air; and two from Hawaiian Airlines.

The Pentagon does not foresee a major impact on commercial flights, Kirby said.

Army Transport Command spokesman Captain John Perkins said on Sunday the airliners would enter service on Monday or Tuesday and transport evacuees from the Middle East to Europe and Europe to the United States.

Captain Perkins said in a telephone interview that the military had requested long-haul widebody aircraft capable of carrying several hundred passengers. He said talks started with airlines last week and some carriers have offered planes for the evacuation. But, he added, the demand was large enough for Austin to order more airlines to meet their obligations under the reserve fleet program.

Civilian planes would not fly to or from Kabul, where a rapidly deteriorating security situation hampered evacuation flights. Instead, commercial airline pilots and crews would help transport thousands of Afghans arriving at US bases in Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

Commercial airlines are said to ease the burden on those bases, which fill up quickly as the Biden administration rushes to increase the number of flights for thousands of Afghans fearing retaliation from Taliban fighters.

From bases in the Middle East, airliners would increase military flights carrying Afghans to Germany, Italy, Spain and other stopovers in Europe, and then ultimately to the United States for many Afghans. , officials said.

Scott Kirby, Managing Director of United Airlines, said on social networks, “As a global airline and flag bearer of our country, we take responsibility for responding quickly to international challenges like this. “

“It is a duty that we take with the greatest care and the greatest coordination,” he added.

The airline noted that four of its Boeing 777s, which can accommodate up to 350 people, have been activated.

This is only the third time that the reserve air fleet has been used. The first took place during the Persian Gulf War (August 1990 to May 1991). The second took place during the war in Iraq (from February 2002 to June 2003).

For the evacuation mission, one of the most important the Pentagon has ever undertaken, the military has expanded beyond its fleet of C-17s, the cargo plane of choice in hostile environments, to include giant C-5s and KC-10s, a refueling plane. which can be configured to carry passengers.

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Excommunicated Spanish “witch” village turns curse into tourist money | Spain


TNestled in the foothills of northern Spain, the village of Trasmoz attracts thousands of tourists every year. For many, the attraction is not its half-ruined castle or its magnificent mountain backdrop, but rather a curious oddity of history: Trasmoz is the only excommunicated and cursed village in Spain.

“So far, being excommunicated and cursed has not been bad for us,” said Lola Ruiz Diaz, one of some 47 people who live year round in Trasmoz, about 80 kilometers to the northwest. of Zaragoza. “It turned out to be a point in our favor. “

Summers can see as many as 6,000 tourists descend upon the village for its July witchcraft festival, exploring its little witchcraft museum and reconstructions of the curse cast on the village. Few of the villagers expected Trasmoz’s unique status to become a tourist attraction. But two decades ago, after locals began to collect the stories that had changed and shaped Trasmoz over the years, a steady stream of fascinated visitors began to arrive.

Its unorthodox past dates back to a string of feuds that began over 700 years ago. At the time, Trasmoz was a thriving community of Christians, Jews and Arabs with a powerful opponent: the nearby monastery of Veruela.

A feud between the two over whether villagers could chop down trees in the area for firewood came to a head in 1252, which led the abbot of the monastery to demand that Trasmoz be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. “You could call it a temper tantrum,” Ruiz said.

Trasmoz is a small village steeped in mythology. Photography: RP

The second row arrived more than 250 years later, this time on the access to the waterways that cross the neighboring mountains of Moncayo. After the country’s nobles sided with Trasmoz, the monastery retaliated. With the permission of the then Pope Julius II, the abbot recited a curse from the Psalms on Trasmoz. Hearing Ruiz say it, the villagers shrugged their shoulders and life went on as usual. “In my opinion, the people of Trasmoz did not take everything that the monastery threw at them very seriously, because they were used to it,” she said.

Some have even sought to use the status of the village to their advantage. Decades after Trasmoz’s excommunication, the castle keepers began to secretly use the site to create fake coins. In order to explain the hammer blows, beatings and other noises emanating from the castle in the middle of the night, they told people that witches were haunting the area.

“The strange noises were, of course, the ones making fake coins,” Ruiz said. “The monastery took the opportunity to tell people that Trasmoz was a village of witches.”

Trasmoz, Spain

The reputation stuck. Trasmoz has come to be known as a village of witchcraft, with sometimes deadly consequences. The last resident to be accused of witchcraft was Joaquina Bona Sánchez, known as Tía Casca, who was thrown into a steep ravine in 1860 after being accused of a series of deaths in the village.

Over time, Trasmoz – whether for the curse or simply an echo of events unfolding across Spain – has fallen into decline. The castle was abandoned and the estimated population of 700 began to decline after Spain ordered the eviction of Jews in 1492 – followed by Muslims – and, more recently, as urbanization took hold.

The downward spiral came to a halt, however, after local authorities announced grants for villages to organize events to celebrate their unique characteristics. One village has refined its tradition of ceramics, another has chosen woodworking.

“We thought, why is Trasmoz famous? Ruiz said. The response was instantaneous. “Witches.”

Thus the annual Brujeria Feriaor witchcraft festival – was born, filled with tarot card readings, local herbal lotions and crowned with the coronation of a villager as the “witch” of the year. “It is a way to reestablish the village’s link with the witches, while claiming the persecution to which these women have been subjected,” Ruiz said.

It is a light take on the dark history of Trasmoz, although some tourists take it more seriously. “People come to my house asking me to get rid of the evil eye,” said Ruiz, who was named Witch of the Year in 2008. “But you’re not going to find that here.”

A modern monument to Tía Casca, the last
A modern monument to Tía Casca, the last “witch” killed in Trasmoz, in 1860. Photograph: SOPA Images / LightRocket / Getty Images

The festival has become one of the busiest in the northern region of Aragon, said Jesús Andia, mayor of Trasmoz. “At the beginning, it was something symbolic for the village,” he says. “But we quickly realized that people really liked him.”

For the most part, the inhabitants of the village have been open to the idea of ​​touting its long-standing rivalry with the church. “There are a few – very few – who take it personally and don’t like it,” Andia said. “But the rest of the municipality knows that these days villages have to hang on to something or they risk disappearing.”

Almost eight centuries after Trasmoz’s excommunication, relations flattened with the monastery of Veruela, the two sometimes teaming up to organize cultural events. tenuous.

Even so, the villagers have no interest in approaching the Pope to see if the excommunication or curse can be lifted. “We are not considering this, we are not going to do it,” Andia said. “Getting rid of it now would be like erasing everything – I think future generations would never forgive us.”