Mallorca and the Balearic Islands’ tourism strategy “works”


Commenting on Tuesday’s figures for hotel stays and flights, the Balearic Tourism Minister Iago Negueruela says the “strategy is working”. Repeating what he said on Monday – the season has not been typical, but much better than expected – Negueruela added that “We were the first to open, and that explains why we are leading the number of overnight stays, airport figures and the number of foreign tourist arrivals”.

Figures from the National Institute of Statistics for July showed that 42.5% of all overnight stays per foreign tourists in Spain were in the Balearics. These were therefore far above any other region of Spain. In May and June there was a similar trend. In Mallorca more precisely, there were 4,195,786 tourist nights, the highest in the country.

The Minister observed that “we are at 60% tourism figures for 2019, which is great news, and we hope this positive situation lasts for as many months as possible “.

The Federation of Hoteliers of Mallorca and the Association of Hotel Chains both highlighted the joint effort that has been made from the private sector by taking advantage of all possible opportunities and investing in employee training in health safety.

Hoteliers recognize that they have had to be flexible. It has not been an “easy season”. They hope September will be a good month, while admitting that there are a lot of last minute booking, which creates a climate of uncertainty and makes planning difficult.


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