clash in Mallorca. More than 500 tourists fought the police


According to the daily Diario de Mallorca, the riots broke out mainly in the seaside resort of Magaluf, where many tourists resisted the Spanish authorities who tried to break up the illegally organized games.

According to a local police statement, the services intervened as aggressive tourists, especially young people, ignored anti-epidemic regulations and destroyed public property and cars parked on the streets.

As the daily “La Vanguardia” explains, the police interventions have generally consisted in the liquidation of illegal events organized mainly around the beach of Magaluf, as well as several other places of the municipality of Calvia there.

Local police confirmed that they used force to get drunk and hostile tourists out of public places. The operation was carried out with the support of the gendarmerie units.

According to Balearic Police, the tourists who resisted were mostly citizens of Britain and France.

In the Balearic Islands, it is forbidden to organize meetings in public places between 1 and 6. During this period, the sale of alcohol is also prohibited.

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