Click here, make a loan, quick money!

Click here, make a loan, quick money!

Click here, make a loan, quick cash and on time ! Have you ever come across such ads on the Internet? Of course already, the web is infested with this kind of appeal. By the way, are you looking for “banks and financiers to make loan” or looking for news and information related to loan and personal credit ? Regardless of the purpose, have you noticed how easy it is to find this kind of subject on the computer network (www)? Lines of credit and financing modality are everywhere and for all types of profiles.

Currently, just access the Internet, enter a search engines like, Yahoo Search,,, Lycos and others, put the keyword [loan], [personal loan ] or [personal credit] and the search returns with an avalanche of results, some very good, others relevant and most totally without any validity, only filling of sausage.

We also find sponsored links about money, finance information and news related to loans, both on large websites and on blogs like the “dot com loan portal”, are thousands of ads and classified, many about real estate financing, anyway! if you want quality information and tips on money borrowed from good and bad quality also think, sometimes it is even difficult to select articles or reputable companies in that environment.

It is a fact, the effective transformation that the Internet is making in our lives is enormous, as a means of communication is extremely useful, not to mention agility and convenience, the web is increasingly present in the family and work, today, almost everything that we want to look for on the Internet. We even access our online bank account on the most diverse devices that make connection available.

Large and medium-sized companies have found in the computer network a wonderful way of communicating with their internal and external audiences, a fantastic place to look for new customers, many use it to streamline and propagate their strategic and commercial directives. ! But not everything is flowers, surely you’ve heard that saying.

Nowadays, with this technological evolution, anyone with a minimum of html knowledge, publishes a website or blog on the net, offers what you want or gives in the tile, inserts this site into advertising campaigns, sends to the indexing of the search engines and search – just to get an idea, in the key word [loan with restriction] the first six results below the Google advertisement, are fraudster sites, see here – as I said, register for free classifieds, make pages on social networks Facebook, Orkut, Twitter ), buy and exchange links, all that is possible and… ready, a legitimate online company is born for online fraud.

All this would be valid if it were used to provide services that aggregate opportunities and fair competition on the Internet, but what we have seen are several and several fraudulent pages, mixed with pages of reputable companies disputing the look and intention of the Internet user to make loan and credit staff.

Many pages are made exclusively to deceive and pluck the surfer looking for the little money they still have. Sites with false addresses, use the CNPJ of banks and financial institutions, use mobile phones and fixed cell phones or other types that are not tracked, register the address of the page in with CPF of individuals (people who sent documents by fax ) and sell personal credit and restricted lending to all Brazil as if they were real companies, detail: “they ask for advance money to release loan.”

If you search for any keyword that involves the term loan, credit and financing atc., And find some supposed financing company, who is offering credit without consulting the SPC and Serasa for those who work in private business – now they are mistaken (retired, pensioners and public servants) – claim that they release the loan on the same day or release the credit in the hour or at the latest until the next day, and on top they say they release amounts from R $ 3,000 to R $ 800,000 a day to the other, without even seeing your face, only with documentation passed by fax and on top, over the phone – my dear web surfer, you have to be very naive or b… to fall for this.