Loans at the pawnshop.

There is a widespread belief that loan institutions specialize only in loan institutions. Meanwhile, there are other, niche ways that are worth quoting. Under what rules do lombalerie loans work? The loan industry is increasingly dominated by companies that borrow money online. In addition, lenders with fixed branches are still very popular. And although these entities can be considered dominant and most consumers come first to mind in the context of loans, there are other, niche ways. Apart from private loans, there is also something like loans in a pawnshop. It is not a widespread, but used for years an alternative way to get urgent cash in any amount. In fact, it is an important part of the functioning of pawnshops, which are still a permanent element of the landscape of Polish cities. Let’s get acquainted with the functioning of loans at the pawnshop.

Loans in a pawnshop – how do they work?

Loans in a pawnshop - how do they work?

The rules for borrowing money through the pawnshop are very easy. The institution lends the client a specified sum of money, and the banker transfers any kind of object to the collateral. It is stored for the duration of borrowing money. Its value must correspond to the amount borrowed, and the pawnshop treats it as collateral. What is worth adding, there are pawnshops, which set not only items, but also stocks or bonds.

What do you usually find in a pawnshop?

What do you usually find in a pawnshop?

Lombardy mainly functions on the basis of buying used or sometimes new items. The same applies to loans. Many consumers, with an emphasis on those who have never used the pawnshop, may wonder what items can be pledged in it? Well, pawnshops have extremely loose criteria in this matter. You can deposit the following examples of property in them.

  • Electronics and home appliances: mobile phones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, computers, DVD players, coffee makers, microwaves, game consoles, etc.
  • Jewelry: rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, watches and more.
  • Books, atlases, albums.
  • Paintings, statues, bas-reliefs and more.
  • Sports equipment: balls, bicycles, cross trainers, treadmills.
  • Bikes and scooters.

It should be noted that some items must also fit into the pawnshop room. It may happen that they will be rejected for this reason. Then you should look for another valuable item in property of the same value if you want to get the amount of money originally desired.

Loans in a pawnshop – basic principles

Loans in a pawnshop - basic principles

In the context of the pawnshop, the basic principle is a reliable valuation of the item brought by the consumer. This is done by an appraiser who gives his exact value. The customer can judge whether he is satisfied and whether he wants to continue applying for a loan. Lombard is obliged to properly secure the item, keeping it for the duration of the loan. Under no circumstances may it be sold or rented to any third party before the end of the repayment deadline. The customer, in turn, is obliged to return the loan under the terms specified in the contract. This may take the form of both installments and a once-off amount. If the agreed costs have been added to the loan (commission, interest), then the liability must be returned along with these costs. In the case of delays in repayment, the client must remember that the pawnshop has the right to take over the pledged object, which may be sold and lost. In addition, the pawnshop can apply for a refund of cash, after all, an additional cost is added to it from which the institution draws its income.

What formalities must be met?

What formalities must be met?

The basis for loan in a pawnshop is of course the agreement, in which case it is worth remembering the mandatory information that must be included in it.

  • The contract should always be made in writing.
  • The data of both parties are necessary.
  • The terms of borrowing can not be missing. It is necessary to include the amount of the loan, as well as the rules, type and amount of costs charged.
  • It is necessary to describe the value of the pledged item, the rules of using it by the pawnbroker and the consequences, in the case of delay in repayment or avoidance of repayment by the consumer.
  • You can not forget about the date, place and signatures of both parties.

When drawing up the contract, the consumer must also present his ID card



P2P Lending: Loan P2P Lending how does it work in Brazil?

The P2P Lending loan is a way to borrow without using a bank or a credit or financial institution that we have traditionally known. If you are in need of a personal loan or business loan, you definitely want to know some peer to peer loan platforms. If you are unrestricted and have no negative entries in your CPF or CNPJ, interest rates for this type of financing can be fairly fair.

Now anyone looking for bad debt, dirty name, restricted by SPC and Serasa, even borrows money, however, will be charged higher fees and interest because of the risk the operation offers to the investors who sponsored his credit application. The approval of the peer to peer loan for negative is affordable but with high interest rates.

What is P2P Peer to Peer Lending?

What is P2P Peer to Peer Lending?

” P2P Lending: Peer-to-peer means point-to-point. The idea of ​​P2P lending is to enable loans to be made between individuals (individuals or companies) without the intervention of a bank or financial institution. People who need credit find other people who have the money to lend as an investment. “

Another definition: P2P loans are loans granted by individuals (individuals) and investors (individuals or groups) – as opposed to personal loans that are being granted by private and financial banks that charge high interest for the grant of the requested money.

Many people who own money to invest use the to offer low interest cash loans to others (citizens and businesses) who need money. A P2P platform (with online site) brings together investors and borrowers so that in the process of granting loans they are relatively easy for everyone involved.

Benefits of P2P lending loans

Benefits of P2P lending loans

P2P loans are not always better than personal loans made at a bank or credit union because it depends on the applicant’s customer profile, but they have unique characteristics that make them competitive, fast and efficient.

Low Costs: Often, you can get loans with relatively low rates using P2P loans. Collective loan in general is a much better deal than using the limit on the bank (overdraft), the credit card, or personal bank loans.

To get your loan on the many online platforms we have in Brazil, the interest rate is between 1% to 5% per month.

We can compare the P2P Lending loan as a personal loan with property or vehicle guarantee that has a rate of 1.15% and the payroll loan with 1.55% to 3% interest per month.

Quick and easy: When comparing a loan you need to have patience. After you sign up and fill out the forms online, you may have to wait two or more days to find out whether the application has been approved or not.

In P2P lending loans, this patience and waiting are relieved by efficient platforms and agility in the processes of analysis, approval and release. The application process is usually easy, and you can often find out relatively quickly whether your loan will likely be funded.

Credit Analysis: In a world where lenders are reluctant to lend money to clients or companies with restrictions and negative inscriptions on credit history, P2P loan lenders are one of the most attractive credit alternatives.

You will need to have decent credit to get approved, but if you have bad credit, the more expensive these loans will cost (with higher interest rates). But this is the case in whatever mode you request.

Types of loans

Types of loans

P2P loans are unsecured personal loans – you could borrow interest money for whatever purpose you wanted and will not leave any collateral to get the financing approval. This is the most common type of personal loan and are the most flexible: you can use the money to consolidate debts, take out a car, renovate the house or start a business.

If you want to loan for education, make sure this is possible or not on your peer-to-peer platform, some in Brazil begin to model other P2P Lending formats. Today, P2P lenders are specializing in offering various types of loans for specific uses (such as business and student loans).

P2P lending online sites and platforms lending

P2P lending online sites and platforms lending

The list of platforms for P2P Lending loans is constantly growing in Brazil and in the world. The concept became popular here with Loanta and Dexus, both of which are still big players in the P2P segment. 

If you want to get a loan, it is probably worth making a registration and an application of the amount you need. Whatever you do, research each lender and read reviews from reputable sources before applying for a loan. Read also how to make peer to peer loan and which companies make peer-to-peer lending.

How it works

How it works

To request a P2P lending loan, choose an online platform and begin the application and enrollment process. You will need to provide details about yourself, how much you want, and how you want to pay. Some ask how you intend to use the money.

Your registration is verified, your credit reviewed, and if you are eligible for the loan, your request will be listed for investors to fund your order.

Is it safe to borrow P2P Lending?

Is it safe to borrow P2P Lending?

Of course, but that depends on what you consider to be safe, most online platforms are obsessed with customer data security and consumer credit.

They keep your information as secure as any private financial institution, and all communication is done through a session in the browser in an encrypted form with SSL TLS level 2 or 3.

Your identity will be kept secret with lenders, interest rates are generally competitive with what you may find elsewhere, you will certainly pay less than what you would pay for a personal loan at the bank and all data such as CNPJ, physical address, BCB regulations and updates are always available at the footer of the sites.

Click Here, Make a Quick Cash Loan!

Click here, make a loan, quick money!

Click here, make a loan, quick money!

Click here, make a loan, quick cash and on time ! Have you ever come across such ads on the Internet? Of course already, the web is infested with this kind of appeal. By the way, are you looking for “banks and financiers to make loan” or looking for news and information related to loan and personal credit ? Regardless of the purpose, have you noticed how easy it is to find this kind of subject on the computer network (www)? Lines of credit and financing modality are everywhere and for all types of profiles.

Currently, just access the Internet, enter a search engines like, Yahoo Search,,, Lycos and others, put the keyword [loan], [personal loan ] or [personal credit] and the search returns with an avalanche of results, some very good, others relevant and most totally without any validity, only filling of sausage.

We also find sponsored links about money, finance information and news related to loans, both on large websites and on blogs like the “dot com loan portal”, are thousands of ads and classified, many about real estate financing, anyway! if you want quality information and tips on money borrowed from good and bad quality also think, sometimes it is even difficult to select articles or reputable companies in that environment.

It is a fact, the effective transformation that the Internet is making in our lives is enormous, as a means of communication is extremely useful, not to mention agility and convenience, the web is increasingly present in the family and work, today, almost everything that we want to look for on the Internet. We even access our online bank account on the most diverse devices that make connection available.

Large and medium-sized companies have found in the computer network a wonderful way of communicating with their internal and external audiences, a fantastic place to look for new customers, many use it to streamline and propagate their strategic and commercial directives. ! But not everything is flowers, surely you’ve heard that saying.

Nowadays, with this technological evolution, anyone with a minimum of html knowledge, publishes a website or blog on the net, offers what you want or gives in the tile, inserts this site into advertising campaigns, sends to the indexing of the search engines and search – just to get an idea, in the key word [loan with restriction] the first six results below the Google advertisement, are fraudster sites, see here – as I said, register for free classifieds, make pages on social networks Facebook, Orkut, Twitter ), buy and exchange links, all that is possible and… ready, a legitimate online company is born for online fraud.

All this would be valid if it were used to provide services that aggregate opportunities and fair competition on the Internet, but what we have seen are several and several fraudulent pages, mixed with pages of reputable companies disputing the look and intention of the Internet user to make loan and credit staff.

Many pages are made exclusively to deceive and pluck the surfer looking for the little money they still have. Sites with false addresses, use the CNPJ of banks and financial institutions, use mobile phones and fixed cell phones or other types that are not tracked, register the address of the page in with CPF of individuals (people who sent documents by fax ) and sell personal credit and restricted lending to all Brazil as if they were real companies, detail: “they ask for advance money to release loan.”

If you search for any keyword that involves the term loan, credit and financing atc., And find some supposed financing company, who is offering credit without consulting the SPC and Serasa for those who work in private business – now they are mistaken (retired, pensioners and public servants) – claim that they release the loan on the same day or release the credit in the hour or at the latest until the next day, and on top they say they release amounts from R $ 3,000 to R $ 800,000 a day to the other, without even seeing your face, only with documentation passed by fax and on top, over the phone – my dear web surfer, you have to be very naive or b… to fall for this.

I tried to travel cheap but I spent too much, now what? | Personal Loans

I tried to travel cheap but I spent too much, now what?

Finally vacations. Your time of rest has come. If you will travel better still. Now know that no matter how much we plan these glorious days, sometimes the excitement during the trip ends up being expensive. Planning is the secret to travel cheaply or to maintain minimal financial control. Here are some ways you can avoid spending too much and see what you can do if you have overdrawn.




Deciding your destination and how many days it will be, start stipulating a value for meals. No need to even talk to find a hotel with breakfast included is always a blessing. Remember that the day is not just made for lunch and dinner. Include an extra value of a snack, rum or afternoon coffee in this account. 




With a quick search, it’s easy to know the average price of the tours. So stay tuned and see if buying early will guarantee you a better price. If you are planning well in advance, you can travel with paid tours. This prevents the accumulation of post-vacation debts. Do not forget to see if things like transportation and food are included in the tour. So that way you can make the budget adjustments. Cheap travel always requires balance.

See travel packages on promo e1510780106229



First of all I’m going to raise the flag that a bundle of chocolate to share with the office staff already appeals to everyone. Do not feel pressured to buy individual souvenirs. That said, the shopping category depends a lot on your destination. After all, I believe a trip to Miami instigates the consumerist monster inside you. Much more than a trip to Patagonia. It is in this question that you have to be very honest with yourself. Take an amount that matches your profile. Is it enough to spend on shopping? So take it longer to shop and commit to eating cheaper. Anyway, unless you’re very rich, make budget adjustments again.


I already went, I came back and the invoice of the card is about to arrive!

Sure it’s time to tighten the belt. So until you pay the bill for the card, quit less for dinner, buy less. Escape from interest, special check, rotary. Most importantly, do not pretend that the trip’s pump bill will not arrive! If you do not have extra money set aside to cover the heaviest bill, opt for a personal loan or ask a family member for help. 


Crowdinvestment – Investing with 500 Euro

Crowdinvestment - Invest with 500 Euro

Have you ever thought of a crowd investment as an investment? You do not know what that is? 

Invest with only 500, – Euro? We explain the opportunities, the risks and the possibilities. As a beginner in the market of investment forms and investments, you often have to bring a certain share capital in order to generate actual profits. For some time, however, crowdfunding has become a serious alternative to investment themes. Especially in real estate there are very exciting possibilities.

Basically, a crowd investment is a fairly new and innovative form of investment in which many so-called micro investors with smaller investment amounts join together to form a large swarm. This also gives retail investors the opportunity to make promising investments that are otherwise only available to the rich, large companies and institutional investors.

According to Wikipedia, the definition is: “Crowdinvesting is a form of financing in which a large number of people (micro investors, investors, investors) typically invest small amounts of money via the Internet to start-ups, in most cases via silent partnerships. Profit participation rights or shareholder loans. The incentive for the micro investor is to hope for high returns. However, the risk is also high in crowd investing?. As with any equity investment, the micro-investor may lose his stake if the company is unsuccessful. “(Source: Wikipedia article on Crowdinvesting )


What are the options?

What are the options?

There are basically different ways to participate in a crowd investment. Crowdinvesting platforms that offer a whole range of investment opportunities and compare them to those who are interested are best suited.

A very exciting example is the crowd investment in real estate. So you can invest in real estate without having to buy a whole house. Already from 500, – € Investitons are possible. For some time now, there have been real estate funds or real estate stocks with which you can also indirectly invest in real estate projects. The approach as a flock of many small amounts to collect, however, is new and very interesting. Here, project developers or property developers present themselves with their construction projects and try to win private and small investors for it. Spiegel and Manager Magazin have also reported that start-ups are boosting crowdinvesting and how retail investors are benefiting from the real estate boom . Often, however, the selection of projects is low.


Our recommendations

If you do not dare to invest your savings with large investments in capital, you can not go wrong with our crowdinvesting recommendations. There you can invest already with 500, – and partly less volume in very promising projects. A really good chance to achieve good interest rates against the background of a continuing low interest rate phase.

We recommend the providers Exporo or Rendity, which were also highlighted in the mirror and Manager Magazine.


What are the risks of crowd investing?

What are the risks of crowd investing?

Crowdinvesting is still a young form of investment, but that’s why it’s particularly exciting. The investment form offers little collateral, but is very strongly yield-oriented. The opportunity for promising projects and high profits is given even without millions of investment or years of debt. They always invest only with smaller amounts. Thus, a theoretical loss would be easier to get over than with an investment of 100,000 or more euros.

You also need to know that this is mostly a so-called subordinated loan. Here you are treated with your small Crowdinvestment only “subordinate” after the banks, if it should actually come to a total loss. So you should study the information material very exactly. But: We still think it’s exciting and innovative. A close look can be worthwhile!

Are Debt Consolidation for You?

There are several ways to deal with debt. One way is to ignore it and deny that there is a problem. Of course, this approach will bring you somewhere, because the debt will continue to accumulate things of interest.

Another method is debt consolidation or debt consolidation with a lump sum to make it easier for the debtor to repay the amount.

In this post, we will discuss exactly what debt consolidation is and three examples you want to consider if you want to go this way on your debt repayment journey.


Debt consolidation, 101: A brief explanation

Debt consolidation, 101: A brief explanation

If you have multiple credit cards with different interest rates, perhaps you may have a debt consolidation for you. The idea is that these many debts are rolled into one, making it more manageable. Depending on the interest rate, the person may pay the debt faster.

One thing that the financial guru Dave Ramsey says is being tracked is repayment terms and interest rates. As the debt is consolidated into one amount, the repayment terms may exceed the time it takes to pay the credit card. Low interest rates are not necessarily guaranteed after debt consolidation.


Out of debt, out of danger

Out of debt, out of danger

Of course, as we say in any subject, research, research, research. Consult your financial or credit advisor before deciding on debt consolidation.

With the right research, you can find a debt consolidation solution that works to ease the payment of multiple debts.


3 options for debt consolidation

3 options for debt consolidation

1. Balance Transfer: This method works well if you have good credit because the better your credit, the better the interest rate you can get with a new card. With balance transfer, you can transfer multiple credit card balances to one smaller APR card. As a result, you can save money.

Also, if the APR is 0% introductory over a period of time, this time will allow you to pay without interest. However, there may be a balance transfer fee on the card, which may be a potential cost, and something worth considering compared to the overall benefit of your total debt balance.


2. Personal Loan: A personal loan can also be a solution. The interest rate on a personal loan is not the same as the credit card rate, which can both have an interest rate on balance payments and purchases. It is less complicated and also exists under certain conditions like three or five years.

As a result, the action plan is more robust in debt repayment. You can plan to repay the loan within the repayment period by committing to repayment terms.

Your local bank or credit union can offer personal loans for debt consolidation. Bad debt will sacrifice your future day’s needs for your current desires.


3. * Taking a loan against your home : * A person may receive a credit line from his home equity. Pro is that equity loans have fixed interest rates and may be one-off. In general, housing loans also have lower interest rates because they are secured loans.

The fact is that if you are unable to withhold payments, you are at risk of losing your home. So if home lending is an option, the use of secured debt to repay the insecure debt of a credit card through a home loan should be the last resort, taking into account less risky options.

Individuals who have a credit card debt through different cards may be debt consolidation in response to some of these financial distress.

This post is not an end to everything, beware of everything, but it can be used as a starting point. We suggest you talk to a financial or debtor and do your own research. This increases your chances of finding the best solution that suits your unique debt situation.


Qoins and you

Qoins and you

We can also help you pay the debt because you decide which debt consolidation method is right for you.

Our app is easy and needs basic data with the credit card you want to pay. From there, we can round off the purchases. For example, buying $ 1.76 will take 24 cents.

At the end of each month, we round up this amount and send it to the credit card company listed on your profile. The process is simple and has already helped us to pay millions to our users.

We can provide a simple solution if you continue to explore different ways to combat debt.

Try Qoins today, which can be downloaded from iOS or Android. And you can say that you are the way to repay your debt, depending on which method you finally chose.


Simply get a little more balance

Can you use some extra money this month but do not know how to arrange a loan quickly? With a mini-loan you can easily get a little more balance! You already have a mini-loan from the age of 18, and with that you can quickly borrow money without paperwork. And this flash loan is an online loan, so you can even borrow money despite black list entry! With flash loan providers you can easily borrow money without payslip or other fuss. Now take out such a loan without BKR and receive 200 euros, 550 euros, 700 euros or maybe 850 euros! Read on soon for more information about this handy loan.

Do you simply want to get a little more balance?

Do you simply want to get a little more balance?


You can arrange for your bank account to be completed within a few minutes. You do not have to do complicated things at all, you just have to know which loan you have to close! In this time you can easily arrange special loans on the internet! So do not you come all the way this month? Is your salary still not long, but do you need extra money? In short, do you simply want to get a little more balance? Then an online loan is the solution! If you still have to pay the holiday, still have to make the rent or the washing machine suddenly breaks down; an online loan is the fastest solution!

The benefits of simply getting some more balance via the internet

The benefits of simply getting some more balance via the internet


You can therefore easily top up your balance via the internet! Such an online loan is also called a flash loan or mini loan. Because these loans are arranged via the internet, they have several advantages. It saves you a lot of time first, because everything happens digitally. You do not have to make an appointment, do not come by and do not post forms. You simply submit the loan application via the credit provider’s site, where you fill in the application form. This saves you a lot of time and hassle! You can also apply for the loan whenever and wherever you want. You only need a device that allows you to access the internet, and fifteen minutes of time. Your request comes in directly from the lender and will be processed quickly. As a result, the money is already in your account within a few days! So you can easily get a little more balance!

You can easily get a little more balance in a few steps


Would you like to get a little more balance easily, and does such a flash loan seem like a good thing to you? Then that is really arranged in no time! Most of the time you are probably still trying to figure out a loan provider. Compare all providers well with each other and read their conditions. Once you have chosen a provider you only have to fill in the application form, on which you enter some personal details and the amount you would like to receive, from 50 euros to 1000 euros. You can then send the form with one click of the mouse! It will not be faster than this!